Water Grasses

Acorus - Sweet Grass

The sweet grasses grow simalar to an iris with erect sword-like leaves that omit a tangerine odor when crushed.  They Have tiny hornlike flowers which are insignificant.  They all grow in sun or part shade in moist soil or in shallow water. 

Acorus calamus 'variegata '     6" scotch pot $9.99 each

Green and white 2-3 ft ht 




Acorus gramineus ‘variegata’  6" scotch pot $9.99 each

Green and white 8-12 inch ht 









Acorus gramineus ‘ogon’          6" scotch pot $9.99 each 

Green and yellow 8-12 inch ht 







Acorus gramineus 'minimus aurea'   

4" nusery pot $6.99 each 

Bright green 2-5 inch ht   

Exellent for bonsai and dish gardens               

Baumea rubiginosa 'vaiegata' - Golden Sword               6" scotch pot $12.99 each 
This rush has cylindrical-flat green leaves with a yellow and dark green variegation. It can grow 1-2 feet tall. In sheltered warm locations it's usually evergreen and may maintain foliage in your pond during the winter. It prefers to be grown in sun to part shade in shallow waters.





Glyceria aquatica 'variegata' - Manna Grass                       6" scotch pot $9.99 each

Manna grass can grow between 2-4 ft. tall with green and cream variegated foliage.  Early in spring it has a  rose/pink tinge. Manna grass prefers to be planted in full sun at a depth of 12 inches.  It is also happy to grow in mud or deep flowing water. To maintain quality foliage, remove flowers when first seen. 


Juncus effusus spiralis 'Unicorn' -                                Corkscrew Rush    6" scotch pot $12.99 each

Has thick spiraling stems that rarely intrude on other plants. The stems have clusters of scaly flowers that bloom and seed in July through September. Juncus should be planted in full sun to part shade and can grow to 2-3ft. tall. A very popular plant it may remain evergreen in sheltered locations. Prefers shallow waters. 



Phragmites australis 'variegatus' -                           Water Bamboo           6" scotch pot $9.99 each

This is a yellow and green variegated relative of common rice. It can grow to a height of 36-48 inches and prefers to be planted in full sun to part shade. It has a bamboo like appearance and prefers shallow waters. Keep contained as it can be invasive. . 




Scirpus lacustris tabernaemontani 'Zebrinus' -                 Zebra Rush     6" scotch pot $9.99 each

The zebra rush has horizontal white on green stripes and it develops hanging tassles of tiny brown flowers in late summer. It can grow between 2-4 ft. tall and prefers to be planted in full sun at in shallow waters or wet soils.



Typha - Cat Tails  Cat tails prefer to be planted in full sun in water or wet soil. The larger varieties will accept some submersion. Keep contained as they can be invassive and prolific.  minima

T. angustifolia 8" scotch pot $9.99 each  Common cattail with brown pokers.  They can grow to 6-8 ft.


T. minima  - 6"scotch pot $12.99 each  Dwarf cat tail  -  suitable for small ponds or tubs, with a growth of  1-1½ ft. with small round poker.



T. laxmanni -  8" scotch pot $9.99 each Graceful Cattail – that has greyish – green half round narrow leaves which can grow to 6-8 ft tall.  The poker is also narrow like the leaves.




T. latifolia 'variegata' - 6"scotch pot $14.99 each– The variegated cat tail can grow from 3-4 ft. tall. It has white and green striped broadleaves topped with a 3 inch cattail that has a tan or creamy colored poker.


 T. gracillus n/a





Equisetum hyemale - Horse Tail n/a

The Horse tail has furrowed hollow stems with green and black bands on them. It has a bamboo like appearance and the male has a brownish pollen cone on it while the female has small spike like growths.  It prefers to be planted in full sun to part shade and can become very invassive so keep it contained.   

Carex grayi n/a

Most Carex are generally happier in moist soil versus being in the pond. Plant this one in full sun to part shade in shallow water. It develops interesting seed heads in summer.

Miscanthus sinensis
Miscanthus sinensis are a large growing grass and some varieties like being in water particularly in the summer months. They all develop corn like flower heads.  M. sinensis 'Cosmopolitan' and  M. sinensis 'Purpurascens' like wet conditions in summer while M. sinensis 'Zebrinus' will prefer slightly drier coditions.

-M. sinensis 'Giganteus' -10"nursery pot $49.00 each

Truly a water loving grass and one of the worlds largest.